We are making Samie Bank reliable over the next 12 months. Our information shows the progress we have made, and what we are doing to make it a great bank.

Samie Bank’s goal is to make money work for everyone, this means, we must build and structure a bank that you can rely on. Our bankers will be able to purchase products or services 24/7 and get immediate notifications when they do. The bankers should also see accurate information quickly, whenever they use their mobile app or online banking wherever they are in the world.

Today, we’re publishing our Reliability…


The epicentre of things that a lot of people talk about is “Culture”. It’s what modern companies obsess over, mainly of the talent competition which is fierce and competitive. Fintech companies are all in the market to attract and retain the brightest and the best talent out there. Culture is the epicentre to growth in companies, and companies should always key in this focus to manufacturing products and services at speed. …


Mr Luqmaan Samie said: We need to scale globally while building a business that people can trust that will be here for the long term.

The new numbers show that we are continuing to do that while staying focused on bringing our service to all walks of life that needs it.

We talk about technology changing the world we often hear about how it makes our lives convenient, more connected, safer or even healthier. These things we can easily get identify with. …

Samie Bank LTD

Samie Bank is a bank that is in the developing stages and is applying to be a fully-licensed bank built to give people a fairer, smarter way of banking.

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