Samie Bank Reliability Report: We are building a bank you can rely on.

We are making Samie Bank reliable over the next 12 months. Our information shows the progress we have made, and what we are doing to make it a great bank.

Samie Bank’s goal is to make money work for everyone, this means, we must build and structure a bank that you can rely on. Our bankers will be able to purchase products or services 24/7 and get immediate notifications when they do. The bankers should also see accurate information quickly, whenever they use their mobile app or online banking wherever they are in the world.

Today, we’re publishing our Reliability Report about Samie Bank to show our map about how we going to improve our reliability over the next 12 months, and what we’re doing to make it better.

We’ll explain how and what our road map looks like to launch and what hiccup we experienced since beta and what we doing to fix it.

Reason for sharing this:

Things go wrong, and it is important to share and take responsibility. Our belief is to always be open and honest about all our incidents and where we at with the bank.

The way we have communicated has not always been clear. We’ve shared updates with all our backers about incidents that affected an integration with other platforms and taken responsibility for incidents caused by other companies without making it really clear to the crowd.

With this said and all out in the open, we have decided to do outer reach due diligence on developers. We have decided to eliminate pricing over quality, this should not be a factor when building a bank, that’s why we are making this statement clear with all our backers and the media.

We are building a bank for the people and not for Samie Bank.

Current Hiccup:

When an incident occurs, we examine and take it seriously and tackle the issue immediately so that it does not have a greater impact down the line. In July 2020 we took up beta testing of our banking app and it has not functioned according to our standards nor has the team we dealt with being able to fix the matter. Unfortunately, this has come to our attention that our due diligence on companies has not been on par. We have approached many companies, but we have always felt pricing has been a huge factor in our budget. So, our new process of doing due diligence on companies will fall into three phases.

Connect: We connect with upper-level business development consultants. They need to be clear about how their business model will be a benefit to Samie Bank’s customers. Why they are fit to connect with our vision.

Proof: Our partners should be able to demonstrate how they have tackled a problem and how efficient they were with fixing the matter. They should also be able to show fiscal proof of previous/current products.

Partnerships: At Samie Bank, we take partnerships very seriously because it is in our DNA. Our customers and backers are our partners. That is why when we make a decision with who is going to be our integration partner, it will be a relationship for life because we not in the business to exit a banking business 5 years down the line.

Our road map to making Samie Bank a great bank:

We currently making waves by getting our bank on the road map sooner. Samie Bank will be available to the public in demographics like UK, USA, Europe, Singapore, and Cape Town, South Africa. We believe being strong in those demographics will have a strong record for the world to open its arms for Samie Bank.

There are many articles stating we launching in 2025. We have to confirm why we stating this as our latest launch date.

Reason: We mean’t, we will be a fully licensed bank by then and we will launch under no bank partnerships.

However, our reason does not mean that we will be launching only in 2025. We currently setting up partnerships, with partner banks by the latest Q1 of 2021 where we will be operating under an electronic money institution (EMI) license so that we have a track record for Samie Bank to become fully licensed at the financial conduct authority (FCA) and prudential authority as time goes on. This is our road map to making Samie bank a bank people can rely on from all walks of life.

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Samie Bank is a bank that is in the developing stages and is applying to be a fully-licensed bank built to give people a fairer, smarter way of banking.