The key to growth in business is the CULTURE

The epicentre of things that a lot of people talk about is “Culture”. It’s what modern companies obsess over, mainly of the talent competition which is fierce and competitive. Fintech companies are all in the market to attract and retain the brightest and the best talent out there. Culture is the epicentre to growth in companies, and companies should always key in this focus to manufacturing products and services at speed. The concrete challenge of being a growing company should not only be how to win market-share and internationalise at a flash but how to build and maintain the A-team that will make that product or service a reality.


Culture is hard to define. It’s feeling you just get in the business. It’s the unwritten — but accepted — rules of how we behave. Any group of people has a culture, from families through to businesses to nation-states. It’s not something that can be enforced but it can be nurtured and strengthened.

As an idea evolves in a rapidly growing company, the key is to focus on Speed. With a radical business, speed is the X-Factor that sets you apart from the competitors. When it works, it means you move like lightning. You need to also watch out for how the structure evolves as the business grows. Knowing what is happening before the corner is key to that. When it does not work, it feels like mayhem and there is no real movement at all. It’s obvious that teams that are closest to customers and closest to code know most and can make the best decisions of what needs to happen.


Samie Bank’s core of our cultural values are our:

· We do it right

· Positive stress, good serendipity

· This is a legacy of radical change to stay, this is our self-worth.

These values are the focus and that guides the sovereign team’s behaviour and the foundational basis of Samie Bank.

We are always looking for ways to better support the culture. Having a stress free positive working environment is of utmost importance from the physical space we work in through to the emotional space, how we recognise people’s contribution and how we provide the opportunity for learning and better growth.

Building a Sovereign team

The “Culture” is easy to build, but slow to change. It is contingent for everyone involved within the business so it can make headway on its own so that the sovereign team can steer it in the right direction if a cliff is in its way. Hereby Samie Bank we believe that making gladiators today, who can build our brand for a better stance, will be the gladiators who will be able to build their own companies of the future under their brand.

To Samie Bank.


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Samie Bank is a bank that is in the developing stages and is applying to be a fully-licensed bank built to give people a fairer, smarter way of banking.